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Fairview, NJ 07022

In contrast to other New York-New Jersey Metropolitan cemeteries' significant price increases, Mount Moriah has managed to again hold the price of its Perpetual Care plan to a modest, budget conscious price adjustment for 2019.

= = =

Remember, subscribing to this 2019 Perpetual Care offer now GUARANTEES and avoids the risk ever again of the future price increases!

Finally, consider that such a wise purchase by you now, will provide the peace of mind that you have assured beauty forever for the graves of your loved ones.

Please note: Mount Moriah Cemetery retains the right to withdraw this offer should it become oversubscribed.
Price Offer Extended
In response to frequent requests, the offer of an unusually low starting price of $500 for choice eternal resting places, has been extended through December 31, 2019.
Floral Bouquets Placements
Plan A: Beauty can be forever.The addition of a new plan now allows for beautiful seasonally appropriate floral bouquets to be placed respectfully at the gravesite of a loved one perpetually, for $700.00 on any single specified occasion.
(Convenient payments gladly arranged)
Plan B: Placement of freshly cut floral bouquets can be ordered for a modest $20.00 for any of the following occasions:
  Mother's Day Father's Day  
Armed Forces Day   Flag Day
Memorial Day Independence Day
Veteran's Day Passover
Grandparent's Day Rosh Hashanah
Thanksgiving Day Hanukkah
Note: For Birthdays and Yahrzeit remembrances, or other personal memorial events, kindly indicate desired date for placement.
Monument Cleaning
To maintain the dignity and appearance of a gravesite, monument cleaning is recommended during the warmer months of the year. Estimates available by phone.