P.O. Box 37
Fairview, NJ 07022

It is said that seeing is believing, and that good reputations and personal recommendations are the best assurances when searching for a final resting place for beloved members of the family. No surprise then, that generations of families have wisely selected Mount Moriah Cemetery in Fairview, New Jersey to meet this important need.

Just one visit, be it by appointment or just stopping by, you are cordially invited to tour our beautiful landscaped campus with its gently rolling hills adorned with clusters of trees enhanced by pristine shrubbery and plantings. These special achievements of our landscaping staff have proven through the years, to significantly ease the anguish and distress of making final arrangements. (Note: Although this website intends to give you a general overall view of our cemetery it is only by personally inspecting what we offer can you find comfort and peace of mind in reaching such important and everlasting decisions.)

Our office staff has proven to be especially successful in assisting many generations of families and is fully understanding and sympathetic to your needs and will gladly guide you for a tour of the property.

Certainly, you will agree that such an important family decision deserves special consideration, personal investigation and an in-person inspection.

We gladly welcome such visits throughout the day, as we are justifiably proud of the unique and convenient setting we offer. Naturally, a phone call in advance of your visit, would allow our staff to plan and set aside uninterrupted private time to explore and determine your needs, although this certainly isn't a requirement. Oh yes, "Lora" a senior staff member who is skilled in discussing prices and all burial matters, is completely fluent in the Russian language.

Our cemetery office hours are 8:00AM - 4:30PM Monday through Friday and 8:00AM to 3:00PM Sundays. Under the "Contact Us" section of this website is the current Holiday Visiting Schedule for your convenience or reach us by phone at 201-943-6163 during normal cemetery business hours.

Our location at 685 Fairview Avenue, in Fairview, New Jersey, places Mount Moriah Cemetery conveniently in the center of a large Metropolitan New York/New Jersey Jewish population that has proven in the past century to encourage frequent visiting of graves. Abundant transportation, both public and private, has allowed easy visiting by loved ones for decades. Moreover, our unique Marvel S. Platoff Memorial Chapel features wheelchair access and has earned an enviable reputation for comfort, convenience and tasteful décor. It has over the years sheltered and provided comfort to many families in a climate controlled setting when extreme weather occurs on the day of a funeral.


Moreover, past visits to our office have pleasantly surprised families planning for the inevitable, as to the many low cost opportunities still available for selected grave sites. Actually, thousands of families over the years wisely planned and arranged for Perpetual Care as Mount Moriah traditionally offers four especially unique and attractive budget friendly pricing plans that are inclusive of cleaning, trimming and year-round maintenance. As Mount Moriah Cemetery innovated early in its history the policy of providing replacement guarantees for any planting that fails to survive the punishing effects of harsh winter storms and excessive dry periods, no additional costs to families occur when graves sites are restored to their original appearance.

Also, particularly reassuring to families over the years, has been the knowledge that payments toward Perpetual Care plans (also called Endowed Plans) remain in trust in perpetuity, and are invested in a manner consistent with the Prudent Investment Laws of the State of New Jersey.

Providing individual and meticulous care for grave plantings, shrubs and ivy throughout the growing year forever unto eternity, is the ultimate lasting, and loving tribute benefiting the final resting place of departed family members and proudly is a fundamental commitment of Mount Moriah Cemetery of New Jersey.