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Q: Does the deceased have to be of Jewish faith to be buried in Mount Moriah Cemetery?

A: Yes, none other than those dying in the Jewish faith shall be interred in the Cemetery as we believe it safeguards the religious interest of the plot-holders as well as the Jewish community's desire to have their loved ones buried in sacred ground devoted to a common belief.

Q: I can't locate a deed or other evidence that arrangements have been made for a burial, but I believe graves were purchased many years ago. Does the Cemetery still have such records?

A: Yes, in the absence of satisfactory proof of ownership, the Trustees may require an affidavit from the heirs of the registered owner before issuing a burial permit. As Cemetery records have been preserved and go back many such situations are usually resolved quickly.

Q: When, and how much, must I pay to have a grave I own prepared for burial?

A: To open an interment space, first an order in writing is required from a licensed undertaker as well as the plotholder or his (her) legal representative. At that time payment of the prevailing charge for this service must be paid. This charge, and any others that may apply, are posted in the Cemetery office and filed with the New Jersey Cemetery Board.

Q: Is Mount Moriah closed on Saturdays and on certain religious holidays?

A: Yes, the gates of the Cemetery are closed on Saturdays and on certain religious holidays. For our normal hours of operations, please .

Q: When purchasing an extended care plan, how do I know that the funds have been set aside exclusively for the intended use?

A: There is no reason for concern, as all payments are invested by a highly regarded banking institution. This guarantees the availability of the funds in a timely manner when needed.

Q: May I contact the cemetery directly regarding the purchase of graves or must I make such arrangements through a funeral director or funeral home?

A: Yes, you can contact us directly () and an experienced staff member will be happy to assist and guide you in making such arrangements.